How long does Seek Scan take to set up? 
Typical set up times take between 5 to 10 minutes on initial set up.

What is the setup configuration?

The Camera must be placed no further than 1.5m (5 feet) from the Fixed Heat Source. The subject must stand next to the Fixed Heat Source looking at the Camera, and both the subject and the Fixed Heat Source must be in the Camera scene at the same time. Failure to follow this configuration and/or exceeding the recommended distance guidelines may result in less accurate skin temperature readings.

What is required to operate Seek Scan in addition to what is included in the box?

A PC, laptop, or tablet running Windows operating system (OS), software version 10 and 64-Bit system is required. Additionally, you will need a way to mount the Fixed Heat Source and the Camera. There is a variety of suitable options that range from using 2 standard camera tripods to more permanent installation options. For more information on PC/tablet requirements, visit the System FAQ article.

Note: Windows IoT is not supported at this time.

Note: The female ¼ 20 tripod mount is located on the back of the Camera and the Fixed Heat Source. If using a tripod setup, make sure the ¼ 20 mount is adjustable by 90 degrees, allowing the devices to face the correct direction.

Tripods are available for purchase here.

Can the subject wear face masks, glasses and hats?

Seek Scan will target the eyes primarily. Glasses should be removed before scanning for the most accurate results.

Seek Scan will often work for subjects wearing these items but may result in longer scan times. A single person with a high combination of these items may result in lower accuracy or no temperature reading. If this occurs, or for the most accurate results, it is recommended that subjects remove glasses and hats before measurement.

How do I update Seek Scan Software?

Seek Scan software has an auto update function. The software will automatically check for updates if your computer is connected to the internet. If your system is not up to date, Seek Scan will send you an alert to update your software. If your PC is not connected to the internet, you can find the latest software version at Please click the “About” menu at the top of the Seek Scan software program to check the version your software is currently running.

Does the system require WiFi?

No. The system does not require WIFI to function.  Seek Thermal may update the software occasionally and provide a download option on our website if the Windows PC has internet access. Therefore, having your Windows PC connect to the internet will provide you the ability to access Seek Thermal’s website and get product updates as they are released.

If you would like to leave your Seek Scan system disconnected from the internet you can receive emails for software releases by registering your Seek Scan product. Please visit to register your Seek Scan product today.


Does Seek offer custom installation?
Seek does not offer custom installation, however some authorized Seek Scan resellers have been trained on the use and setup of the system and may be able to help with installation. Please inquire with your distributor or reseller.


How many of these systems do I need for my office to get my staff back to work?
This is at the discretion of the user and the size of the population that is intended to be scanned. We would suggest multiple scanning stations (Seek Scan systems) for businesses that intend to use multiple entrance points or have a large population size. Seek Scan takes approximately 2-3 seconds per measurement (total throughput per person) if setup in recommended conditions.


How do I know if the system is working correctly once I have set it up according to the instructions?
If set up according to the instructions and guidelines, and if there is a solid green light on the reference heat source, the system is working properly. Additionally, the Seek Scan software will display the Fixed Heat Source stability icon whenever conditions are not ideal like during initial startup and if the scene varies too much. Please see for more details.


Is the Seek Scan a mobile or stationary system?
Seek Scan is intended to be a stationary measurement system. This is to ensure the best possible conditions to obtain accurate screening. However, Seek Scan need not be a permanent setup, the user can disassemble and reassemble the system in a different location if needed, as long as setup instructions and guidelines are maintained.


Do I need to program anything (or need a programmer to set this up)?
No programming is required. The Seek Scan simply requires installation of a Windows app (included on USB drive) to run on the customer-supplied host PC.


Can I set up the system outside the entrance of my building or near a door?
Seek Scan is intended for use in temperature-controlled environments (inside) with a uniform temperature surface as the background while scanning individuals.


Can I use this setup in a tent with 4 walls/sides? How will this affect accuracy?
We do not recommend using the Seek Scan in an environment where it is difficult to regulate temperatures and drafts. Seek Scan is best used in a controlled temperature environment with a uniform temperature surface as the background while scanning individuals.


Does the vertical angle of the camera matter during setup?
It is important that all test subjects are scanned at the same distance from the thermal camera. The vertical angle of the camera can be adjusted as needed but be sure the Fixed Heat Source and the subjects face and eyes are looking directly at the camera during measurement.


Can people be scanned while in their car before entering a business property?
No. A calibrated heat source is required near the test subject to obtain an accurate measurement. We do not recommend using the Seek Scan in an environment where it is difficult to regulate temperatures and drafts. Seek Scan is best used in a controlled temperature environment with a uniform temperature surface as the background while scanning individuals.

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