Is Seek Scan an FDA 510(k) cleared device? 
Seek Scan is not 510(k) cleared or intended to replace a medical thermometer. However, based on new FDA guidelines published April 2020, the FDA stated that it accepts the use of thermal cameras for initial body temperature assessment for triage use without a 510(k) clearance during the health emergency, provided the thermal imaging system meets the standards set forth in the guidance. Seek Scan meets all of these applicable standards.

Seek Scan should not be used to diagnose or exclude diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease or condition. The FDA recommends using a secondary evaluation method to confirm fever such as a clinical grade contact thermometer.

What are the physical dimensions and weight? 
Seek Scan and the Fixed Heat Source are small and extremely lightweight.  

Camera dimension (L x W x H) and weight: 3 x 8 x 9 cm / 140 g 
Fixed Heat Source dimension (L x W x H) and weight: 3 x 9 x 9.5 cm / 80 g

What are the PC/Tablet Requirements to operate Seek Scan?

  1. PC or Tablet running Windows 10 64-bit OS Home/Pro (highly recommended)
    *Other Windows OS options may be compatible but are not validated by Seek
  2. 1.2 GHz processor (minimum requirement)
  3. 4GB of RAM
  4. +10GB Hard Drive (more recommended)
  5. Multicore Processor (recommended)

Additional Information:

Seek Thermal has tested the following processors:


  • i5 (highly recommended)
  • i7 (highly recommended)
  • i3 (recommend)
  • Celeron N4 (or equivalent required)


  • Atom (not recommended)
  • Celeron N3(not recommended)

What are the power requirements? 
The Seek Scan camera uses under 0.3A at 5.0V DC and complies with standard USB port power specifications.

The Seek Scan Heat Source uses under 2A at 5.0V DC. Seek recommends only using the provided power supply with Seek Scan as not all power supplies can provide the power required for the heat source. Seek cannot guarantee that other 5.0VDC 2A power supplies will work properly with the Seek Scan heat source.

What is the system frame rate (Hz)? 

Can the system be used with a mobile app?

No, there is currently no mobile app for Seek Scan. Remote viewing can be achieved by using Remote Desktop or similar capabilities on the Windows PC running the Seek Scan software. RTSP streaming capabilities will be available soon for API users. Please request API access for more details.


Does Seek Scan use facial recognition? 
Seek Scan does not use facial recognition. Instead, Seek Scan uses facial detection to determine when a subject is in the camera scene. There is no determination made on the identity of the person being screened, and the visible camera is solely used to detect the presence of a face for accurate temperature measurement.

What is included in my software license? 
Seek Scan includes a free windows software program which comes when you buy the product. This includes any maintenance updates and improvements to the software released by Seek Thermal.


Can I use this out in the field? (out of office for impromptu setups)
This is not recommended. We do not recommend using Seek Scan in an environment where it is difficult to regulate temperatures and drafts. Seek Scan is best used in an indoor temperature-controlled environment with a uniform temperature surface as the background while screening.


What inputs and outputs does the product have and what is needed to make the system functional?
The Seek Scan camera system requires a USB connection into a Windows PC (PC supplied by the customer). The camera has a USB-C port and comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable. In addition, an AC power outlet is required to power the PC and Fixed Heat Source.


What type of technology is used in Seek Scan?
Seek Scan uses thermal imaging technology which consists of an array of uncooled microbolometers (206x156). These microbolometers detect infrared light radiation (heat) emitted from an object. Each microbolometer (pixel) outputs a value that is translated into temperature data, and through image processing, this temperature data is used to create a visible heatmap thermal image.


What I/O features are currently available?
Customers can trigger Digital I/O or Pass/Fail messages by utilizing Seek Scan’s API. Please request API access for more details.


Does the system emit radiation?
No, the system does not emit any radiation. Thermal imaging, such as used in Seek Scan, is a completely passive technology. It simply detects infrared light that is emitted from all objects. Note that the Fixed Heat Source, however, does emit heat, much like a person, which is used as a reference calibration for the thermal camera.


Where are the subcomponents country of origin?
The most vital components of the camera are sourced in the U.S.A. with some non-vital or basic commodity subcomponents sourced from Asia. Seek Scan is manufactured in the USA and is NDAA compliant.


Where is this product made, how can I trust this company?
The thermal imaging camera and reference heat source are designed and manufactured in Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A. The company was founded in 2012 by two industry pioneering scientists, Bill Parrish, PhD and Tim Fitzgibbons PhD, who spent 40 years advancing the state of military and professional-grade thermal imaging technology. Following their previous two companies, Amber Engineering and Indigo Systems, each with successful acquisitions, Seek Thermal is their third venture. Seek Scan is manufactured in the USA and is NDAA compliant.


Do any parts need replacement after extended use?
No. If properly cared for, there are no components of the Seek Scan system that should need replacement after extended use.


What if my Seek Scan needs servicing?
Please contact Seek Support by filling out a service ticket and Seek will promptly get back to you with any troubleshooting tips, or if needed, an RMA number for evaluation and service purposes.


Is this data passed on to Seek or others, is this data private? How do I know for sure?
Data collected by the Seek Scan system is stored locally on the host Windows PC C:/ Drive. It is not shared or sent by the Seek Scan software. Users of internet-connected PCs may opt to send diagnostic data to Seek Thermal to help improve system performance.


Is there an SDK available for Seek Scan?  
There is no SDK for the Seek Scan camera system; however, customers can use Seek Scan’s Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with the Seek Scan system and encrypted database. Please request API access for more details.


What is the warranty for this product?
Standard Warranty is 1 year from the time of purchase.


Is this ACS compatible? (Access Control Systems)?
Seek Scan’s API allows integrators to add the Seek Scan camera system into various Access Control Systems, Video Management Systems, Security Systems, Networks, and more. Please request API access for more details.

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