Seek Scan Software Update



Release Date: August 3, 2020
Patch Release Notes:

  • Daylight Camera Stability Improvements
  • Windows 7 Capability Improvements
  • Data Improvements: Temperature data now rounded to a tenth of a decimal place (0.1)

Release Notes from

  • Email Alerts Now Available!​
    Customers can now receive email alerts when someone measures above the customizable alarm temperature. You can include an image of the subject in the email alert as well.
    View setup instructions.

  • Improved Detection Algorithms
    Seek Scan will now target the eyes even better than before. Please be sure to REMOVE GLASSES, eye gear, or any objects that could be covering the eyes to ensure the most accurate readings.​

  • New Stability Algorithms and Icon
    Seek Scan has a new Heat Source Stability icon that alerts the user when the system is not ready for measurement. See updated FAQs and User Manual for more information.

  • Updated Adaptive Algorithm​
    We have taken your feedback and implemented improvements to account for more conditions and environments. Please continue to provide us feedback!
  • New Encrypted Database​
    Seek is moving to a SQLite database with 256-bit encryption and SALT verification using Seek Scan hardware.​ This will allow users to store data securely and safely. Seek will continue to write temperature scan logs to the .csv file on the C drive as before; however, this option will provide users a safer way to store their data.

  • Name or Identify a Station/System
    Seek Scan now offers the ability to name your system station, i.e.: “Back Door Entrance Camera”

  • Update to Application Programming Interface (APIs)
    Seek Scan now offers customers a full API set with the ability to put their camera on a network to receive live scan data, query information, control the camera and more. Please see API Request for more details about UDP and TCP Networking Capabilities


There are two ways to update Seek Scan software.

1. Auto Update [Recommended]: If your PC running Seek Scan is connected to the internet you will receive a notification when a new version is available. To check for updates, close and relaunch Seek Scan. Follow the simple installation wizard to complete the update. 

2. Download and Install Update: If your PC running Seek Scan is not connected to the internet, click the "download update" button at the top of this article to manually install the update. To check your software version, open Seek Scan and click “About."

1. Unplug Seek Scan camera from PC or tablet
2. Download and unzip the file
3. Double click the file named: LaunchSetup.exe
4. Follow the installation wizard to install the update
5. Connect Seek Scan camera to PC or tablet after installation

Confirm the update was successful by clicking the "About" menu and verifying the Software Version.

Archived Release Notes


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