Seek Scan Software Update



Release Date: October 21, 2020
Release Notes:

    • New Kiosk Mode:
      • Kiosk Mode lets you lock the Windows Screen so that only Seek Scan Software is visible. When in Kiosk Mode, Seek Scan settings cannot be accessed or adjusted, providing additional security for Seek Scan operators.

    • New View Modes:
      • Choose between 5 different viewing modes.
        • Classic View: Includes a daylight camera, thermal camera, and graphical history
        • Split View: Includes a daylight camera and thermal camera side-by-side
        • Original View: Includes a full screen daylight camera
        • Thermal View: Includes a full screen thermal camera
        • Text View: Removes all imagery and only displays text results

      • New Color Palette Available:
        • Now you can choose to display your thermal image in Seek’s Spectra color filter!

      • Additional Enhancements and Improvements:
        • We added a new option to “Mirror Image.” When enabled, this option flips the camera view to display the image back to the users as if they are looking into a mirror.
        • We added a new option to include or exclude the Pass/Fail results in a banner overlaid in the image for email alerts.
        • API – RTSP Streaming Improvements


There are two ways to update Seek Scan software.

1. Auto Update [Recommended]: If your PC running Seek Scan is connected to the internet you will receive a notification when a new version is available. To check for updates, close and relaunch Seek Scan. Follow the simple installation wizard to complete the update. 

2. Download and Install Update: If your PC running Seek Scan is not connected to the internet, click the "download update" button at the top of this article to manually install the update. To check your software version, open Seek Scan and click “About."

1. Unplug Seek Scan camera from PC or tablet
2. Download and unzip the file
3. Double click on the Seek Scan installer file
4. Follow the installation wizard to install the update
5. Connect Seek Scan camera to PC or tablet after installation

Confirm the update was successful by clicking the "About" menu and verifying the Software Version.

Archived Release Notes


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