Accuracy and Performance

How accurate is Seek Scan? 
Seek Scan has ± 0.3°C (0.5°F) measurement accuracy aimed at an object with a temperature that is known and stable, such as a Fixed Heat Source (also known as a black body). Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, Seek Scan was developed and calibrated for precise skin temperature measurement and maximizes accuracy by referencing the Fixed Heat Source with a known temperature value. The system sensitivity is 40 mK (typical). 

Skin temperature does not directly correlate to body temperature. The relationship between skin temperature and body temperature can vary among individuals subject to a number of factors such as physical activity prior to measurement, ambient conditions and subject distance from the camera. 

For more details on the accuracy, please visit to access the specifications sheet. 

Can Seek Scan be used to detect an illness, fever, virus or infection? 
Similar to temporal thermometer, Seek Scan measures skin temperatures as a proxy to estimate body temperature. The system alerts the user when this temperature exceeds the customizable temperature threshold set by the user. Seek scan does not diagnose or exclude diagnosis of Covid-19 or other disease, illness or disorders.

How does Seek Scan compare to a thermometer? 
Seek Scan works similarly to an infrared temporal thermometer – but from a safe social distance. Seek Scan uses face detection to automatically trigger measurement and does not require an operator to take a temperature reading.

Does facial hair affect the system? 
No, Seek Scan measures parts of the face that are not covered by facial hair. 

Does skin color affect the system? 
No, skin color does not affect system performance. 

What affects skin temperature differences? 

A few variables can affect skin temperature measurement differences. Therefore, Seek Scan looks to find the hottest, most reliable parts of the face for temperature measurement. Sunbathing and exposures to other hot temperatures can increase the temperature of the skin temporarily, and perspiration, cool rainwater or cold wind on a face may temporarily cool a face. This should be taken into consideration when screening.

Seek Scan is intended for indoor use only and in environmentally controlled rooms.


What is meant by Sensitivity and accuracy, how are they different?
Sensitivity is a measure of how much precision the thermal imager can detect. Accuracy is how close the thermal imager measures a reading to the actual absolute value. Seek Scan sensitivity is precise to 40mK, meaning it can detect relative temperature differences of 0.04˚C. Seek Scan accuracy is +/-0.3˚C, meaning the temperature measured is within 0.3˚C of the actual temperature.


How does ambient temperature affect the system measurements?
Ambient temperatures can affect the measurement as they can alter the reference heat source temperature and the temperature of a person’s skin. We strongly suggest that the Seek Scan system is used indoors in a reasonably environmentally controlled room, and that test subjects are given at least 5 minutes to regulate their body temperature if coming immediately from hot or cold environments.


Why am I getting lower than expected temperature readings?
If you are experiencing lower than expected temperature reading, please see our Tips For Optimal Performance


Why am I seeing temperature variation on the same person's measurement?
In humans, the average internal temperature is 37.0 °C (98.6 °F), though it varies among individuals. However, no person always has exactly the same temperature at every moment of the day. Temperatures cycle regularly up and down through the day, as controlled by the person's circadian rhythm.


Why do I see the Fixed Heat Source Stability icon?
This new icon will monitor the systems performance indicating that something in the setup is not allowing the system to perform in appropriate conditions.

 To ensure the most accurate scan measurements, the Seek Scan software will not take measurements while this icon is being displayed.


This icon may appear for any of the following reasons:

  1. The Fixed Heat Source is not in the thermal camera scene and orientated correctly.
  2. You may see this icon flash occasionally when the software is started. This is normal.
  3. The Fixed Heat Source has changed in temperature and is no longer holding its target temperature. This can occur for the following reasons:
    a.) The Fixed Heat Source is dropped and damage
    b.) Power cord connector is damaged
    c.) Unit has shifted in temperature due to sun exposure. It is important to note that when in air-conditioned lobby with large windows the sun can still warm the device physically.
  4. In the unlikely event that the thermal camera core has been damaged and/or is not performing correctly.

Note: The GREEN LED on the Fixed Heat Source will blink when first plugged in and turn solid when it has reached its target temperature. Do not use the Seek Scan system while the LED is blinking.

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