Do I need any special training to use Seek Scan? 
No, the software is simple and easy to use. 

What should I do if someone has a temperature above the threshold I set?
That is up to the discretion of the user. 

Do I need the Fixed Heat Source in the scene?
Yes, this is required. The Fixed Heat Source enables Seek Scan to produce much higher accuracy than a standard thermal imaging Camera. Seek Scan will not operate unless the Fixed Heat Source is detected in the Camera scene. 

Does the Fixed Heat Source work with any other power sources?
No, please use the power supply provided by Seek Thermal in order to maintain the best performance of the system. 

Can Seek Scan screen more than one person at a time? 
No, the system intelligently looks for a single face to begin measurement. Please have only one subject in the Camera scene at a time. 

Can multiple systems be used with one computer? 
Seek Scan supports one system per computer. 

How much time does each scan take per person? 
Measurement time is 1 second. 

Does Seek Scan have audible alarms? 
Yes. Seek Scan has two audible tones. A buzzer tone will sound, along with the red box indicator on the screen, when the measurement results above the customizable temperature alarm threshold. A ding tone will sound, along with the green box indicator on the screen, when the measurement results below the customizable temperature alarm threshold. The audible tones can also be turned off.     

Does Seek Scan require an operator? 
No, the system is automated and does not require an operator. Although many users may prefer to have an operator monitor each scan as they occur, the system was developed to also accommodate self-measurement in honor system deployments. 

Can I use the system in a hot room? 
The system will not work with the required accuracy if the ambient temperature in the room exceeds 105°F. You should also avoid leaving the Fixed Heat Source in direct sunlight where it can be heated above its known temperature. 

Will a nearby heating and air condition vent affect the system? 
Environmental conditions such as warm and cold airflow may affect skin temperature. For optimal system performance we recommend installing this system inside a temperature-controlled environment but not directly in line with an HVAC vent. 

What type of lighting is required for the system to function? 
Normal indoor lighting is needed for best results using Seek Scan.  Dark or nighttime conditions can make it difficult for the system to detect a subject.  Glare, direct sunlight or reflection into the camera can also cause issues to detect a subject.  For best results it is recommended to operate in standard indoor lighting conditions. 

What happens when I don’t get either a green or red box? 
This means the system did not take a temperature measurement. The subject should step out of the frame and back in. First, a blue box should be presented which means the system is functioning correctly and about to take a measurement. If this does not happen, be sure the Fixed Heat Source is detected and an unobscured face is in the camera scene. 

Can I use another brand of USB camera or Seek Camera (like a Seek Compact) with Seek Scan? 
No. Seek Scan will only work as described when used as a system with the Seek Scan camera, Fixed Heat Source and Seek Scan software that is provided with the product.

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