Compact: Troubleshoot Guide

Initial Inspection

  • Follow these steps when inspecting a unit if an issue should arise:
    • Inspect the entire unit for damage with attention to:
      • The connector
        • Bent or missing pins
      • The focus-knob
        • Make sure it rotates almost 360 degrees and stops
      • Where the top housing joins the bottom housing:
        • Look for damage marks when examining the unit
      • If no damage is present, start the troubleshooting process.


Clicking Noise

  • There may be a clicking noise present when operating the device, this is NORMAL. The clicking is a shutter actuating inside the unit and is used for ‘correcting’ the image. The clicking frequency decreases the longer the unit is on.


No Communication with Phone

  • Check Device Connector
    • Android Connector: Inspect the connector for damage. Look inside and verify that all the pins are present and undamaged.


Android Connector – Pins


  • Apple Connector: Verify that the pin contacts aren’t scuffed or damaged.
    • Apple connectors can become dirty, clean with IPA or Acetone and try to reconnect.
    • Inspect connector for external damage (i.e. bent housing).


Lightning Connector – Dirty

  • Check Phone Connector
    • Inspect the inside of the phones connector and ensure no debris or damage is preventing connection.
  • Reset Phone
    • Manually close the Seek Thermal App and restart the phone. After restart, attempt communication again.
      • If possible, attempt communication with two different phones.



Image Quality Issues

  • A small amount of image artifacts are allowed in the image. If excessive pixilation or flashing rows/columns are present, the unit should be considered a failure (see below).


  • Grey Image / No Image
    • If the image looks pixelated and the shutter isn’t making a clicking noise, it’s likely that the shutter is no longer actuating.
  • Image Quality Evaluation
    • Do not judge the image quality by looking at a low contrast scene (i.e. covering the unit up with your hand or looking at a wall/desk). To effectively screen out image quality issues, look at a high contrast scene (i.e. a hot cup of coffee or your hand, in front of a cold background).


Focus Check

  • Focus Check
    • Verify that you can focus on an object that is ~20’ away.
  • Focus Knob
    • If the focus knob doesn’t reach a stopping point, the lock pin underneath the knob has been broken.
    • The focus knob can present a small amount of a clicking/notching feel when rotated.
  • Unable to Achieve Focus
    • If no amount of focusing can be made to achieve a good focus, inspect the lens and see if it appears to be recessed into the device.
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