How do i update my Seek Shot with the latest software?



Update Instructions

Check your software version by visiting the Advanced Settings (Gear Icon) and selecting “About.” If your software version is not current, please complete the following steps to update your camera.


1. Download the zip file above.
2. Unzip the the file which contains two update files.
3. Make sure your camera is fully charged.
4. Power on your camera.
5. Connect camera to your computer using the supplied USB cable and confirm “OK” on your camera to connect.
6. Your camera will appear as a removable drive on your computer.
7. Drag or copy & paste BOTH files onto your camera drive.
8. Eject the camera drive and unplug the USB cable from your camera.
9. Seek Shot will ask to update software. Tap “OK” to confirm.
10. The camera will update automatically.

Confirm update was successful by visiting the Advanced Settings and selecting "About."

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