Memory Corruption - Reveal Pro and FirePro Units

Certain users of RevealPRO and Reveal FirePRO units have reported getting a “Memory Corruption, please contact Seek Thermal” notification upon hitting the image capture button on their unit. The message displays as follows: 



Our engineering team has evaluated the affected units, and suggests following the steps below to address the issue:

  1. Take the unit and connect it to your computers USB port.
  2. Wait for a dialogue box to open with a message that states: “There is a problem with this storage device. Click to repair.”
  3. Follow onscreen instructions to successfully repair the device.
  4. Upon completion, eject the device file from the desktop.
  5. Disconnect device from your computers USB port.
  6. Power on device and attempt to capture an image. 

If the dialog box doesn’t appear or the repair doesn’t fix the issue, please contact Seek Thermal ( for repair/RMA.


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