Performing a Hard Reset on Reveal Cameras

Due to the intense processing required for thermal imaging, Reveal devices may freeze, lock up, or behave erratically from time to time when used in the field. If your Reveal device is frozen, a hard reset may be needed- don’t worry, you wont lose any saved images!

To perform a hard reset, please follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the center button (power button) on the Reveal unit
  2. The device should visibly power off, continue to hold the center button until the device turns on
  3. After the power is back on, you will see the Seek Reveal intro screen, continue to hold the center button
  4. The device will power off and then on again, once you see the Seek Reveal intro screen (now the 2nd time), you may release the button and the device should continue to power on to a normal functional state
  5. If this does not remedy the issue, then please contact your reseller for RMA instructions.



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