What is "FastFrame"?


Frame Rate, or Frames Per Second (FPS), refers to the number of frames that make up each second of a video image. The more frames per second, the smoother the motion in an image will appear. When capturing a static image with a stationary camera a slower FPS isn't that noticeable. When the subject or camera are moving at slower FPS (>9Hz) it will result in a choppier image. As the FPS increases, that choppiness lessens and the image changes will appear much smoother. FastFrame, (FF) is an advanced frame rate featured on select models of the RevealXR, and all models of the RevealPRO, and Reveal FirePRO, which exceed 15 Hz. Since these devices are able to process images so quickly, they are subject to U.S. EAR export regulations, and may be unavailable for shipping do to regional restrictions.

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