Which Reveal model is best for me?

There is no set answer, as each individual's preferences will vary. If you are using the imager around the house for energy audits or other inspections, the wider field of view and advanced viewing options on the RevealPRO, or the original Reveal might be more to your liking. If longer distances are a priority, you could also choose to go with one of the RevealXR models.  

If you or the subject is moving, you will probably want to go with the FastFrame model of the RevealXR, or RevealPRO. The motion will appear much smoother with the quicker frame rate. Please review the following information to find out what imager is right for you.

With its wide field of view, the RevealPRO or Reveal is perfect for use indoors and around the house.

  • Contractors to see water damage, air leaks, missing insulation, and other energy inefficiencies
  • Home owners and DIYers to conduct home energy audits and help save on their energy bill
  • Plumbers to detect water leaks and clogs
  • Electricians to identify electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards
  • Pet owners to locate lost pets at night or in obscured visibility conditions

The RevealXR (with or without FastFrame) has a narrower field of view, and a higher default zoom level. A few common ways to use the RevealXR:

  • Boating: Detect and locate harmful objects on the water at night
  • Safety and Security: Scan a dark parking lot or around your home for danger
  • Home Inspection: Reliable, non-invasive testing with thermography
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