Reveal Device Registration

The key to unlocking your product benefits begins with Registration. Registration is quick and easy – and provides the following benefits:

  • Get the most out of your warranty and receive product support alerts.
  • Simplified firmware and software upgrades – in a timely manner, pushed to you through email.
  • Technical support staff will have up-to-date ownership data – saving you time and making it easier to resolve your issue.
  • You can receive important information and quick access to the Seek Community. 
  • First access and sneak peek promotional offers, coupons, and other information.
  • We seek your input when looking for product feedback, roadmap ideas, and new feature sets.

NOTE: We do not – and will not  sell any personal data to any third-party.

Go to in your Internet browser to register your Reveal. Once your Reveal is registered, Seek Thermal will send you confirmation of registration. 

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