Intro to Reveal Series

Built for the hands of the working professional, the Seek Reveal handheld thermal imaging cameras combine advanced thermographic insight with high-performance 300 Lumen LED’s into one durable device. With a detectable energy range of -40° to 626°F (-40° to 330°C), these devices allow you to pinpoint and measure specific sources of heat- and heat loss- from 500 to 1800 feet away. Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for a hotspot, or homeowner seeking peace of mind, the Reveal will deliver the insight and illumination you require to diagnose problems quickly, efficiently, and safely- all at the touch of a button.

Reveal cameras allows a user to visualize the heat being emitted and reflected off objects and people in ways that natural vision simply cannot. Even in the dark, a Reveal will allow you to see images as clearly as in daylight. All it takes is opening the box, powering up your camera, and you are ready to See the Unseen™. ​

To take a picture, you’ll want to center the reticle over whatever you are viewing on the screen, and press the RIGHT button to capture it. The camera should freeze frame and form a white border around the image you have just taken. You can review or delete photos by pressing the CENTER button to engage the menu and selecting the ‘Gallery’ tab.


All cameras in the Reveal series give you access to a wide variety of different color filters through which you can evaluate what you’re seeing. To access these filters, press the LEFT button to toggle through the various options, and when you have selected your desired filter, simply press the CENTER button to lock it in place. If you need to use the flashlight, do so by engaging the SIDE button located on the right of the camera to switch the LED between ‘high’, ‘low’, or ‘off’ mode.

Certain models of the RevealXR and all models of the RevealPRO contain some additional advanced features such as FastFrame Rate (FF) which enables seamless and quickly rendered image quality. The RevealPRO also hosts a multitude of unique thermal modes, such as Span and Level, that allow for a greater range of options when viewing and analyzing a thermal image.

You can download images from all units in the Reveal series by undoing the rubberized back door at the end of the device and inserting your included USB cord from a computer into the slot. From here the computer will automatically prompt you to upload your photos, which can then be reviewed and evaluated in greater detail. 


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