Does the Compact work with iPads/Android Tablets?

Yes. While the app has not been optimized for the larger format display of tablet devices, the Compact will work just fine on any iPad with a lightning port running iOS 8.0 or newer. While they have not been tested against all Android tablets, it has been shown to work on select models. If a tablet is running Android 4.3 or newer, or has a native rear camera, and a micro USB port, it should be able to download and install the Seek Thermal app from Google Play. The other Android requirements outlined here still apply.

Please note that the imager and app are intended for use connected to a device with a native layout that is vertical (portrait rather than landscape) with a port located along the bottom of the device. If the device has a landscape orientation, or if the port is located along one of the long sides, this could result in a rotation of the thermal image or some app controls being out of alignment.






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