Intro to Seek Compact


By simply plugging a Compact into your smartphone, you can turn an ordinary cellular device into a high resolution, state of the art, diagnostic tool. Compact’s come in three models, each available for both iOS and Android devices. All models feature adjustable focus and can detect temperatures ranging from -40C all the way up to 330C, or -40F up to 626F.


A Seek Compact camera allows the user to visualize heat being emitted and reflected off an object in ways that natural vision simply cannot. Even in the dark, a Compact connected to your mobile device can allow you to see images as clearly as in daylight. All it takes is downloading the companion app from the Apple or Google Play stores, plugging in your camera, and you are ready to See the Unseen™.​

When you first launch the app, you will be prompted to a homepage which will provide you with an introductory video to help give you an idea where everything is. Access to the homepage, media gallery, color palettes, settings, and camera controls are all located along the bottom center of the screen. 


To take a picture or video of the thermal image you are viewing while in camera mode, you’ll want and tap the big round button at the bottom of the screen (or side if your phone is horizontal). Swipe back and forth over the icon to switch between camera and video mode.

Any images or videos you take may be reviewed by visiting the media gallery, which can be accessed by pressing the ()button, located at the bottom left of the camera icon. Your images will also be saved to the mobile device's native camera roll, and in an album entitled “Seek Thermal”. For advanced picture options, you can turn on Thermal+ (the  icon furthest to the left in the orange slide bar) to view and match your images between thermal view and standard view. Thermal+ images may also be reviewed later, from the apps media gallery.

If checking temperature is what you are after, just switch to a different thermal mode by selecting the reticle shaped icon next to the camera button, and selecting either “Spot” or ‘Hi/Lo’ from the orange scroll bar. You can also tap the color palette button to toggle through various color schemes for your thermal images, and gain access to a wide range of visual contrasts for your viewing preferences.



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