Reveal FirePRO X and Multi-Charge FAQ

What is the difference between the original Reveal FirePRO and the new Revel FirePRO X?

The major difference is that FirePRO X now uses a better sealing quick magnetic connect interface to allow: quicker blind connections, much lower water susceptibility, and docking capability for use with the Reveal FirePROX Multi-Charge. Reveal FirePRO X includes a custom magnetic USB interface cable that is different from the USB micro cable included with original FirePRO.


Will the original Reveal FirePRO work with the Multi-Charge dock?

No, the original Reveal FirePRO is not compatible with the new Multi-Charge dock due to different mechanical charging interface design.


I have the original Reveal FirePRO, can it be retrofitted or converted into a Reveal FirePRO X?

Unfortunately, an original FirePRO cannot be converted into a Reveal FirePRO X.


Why does my Reveal FirePRO X not appear to be charging plugged in?

Under rare circumstances, the Reveal FirePRO X charging logic may not recognize being plugged in and charging will not commence. If this occurs, please wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the USB charge cable; the device should wake up and commence charging normally.


How and where can the Multi-Charge dock be mounted or placed?

The Multi-Charge dock can be placed freestanding on a horizontal surface or desk right out of the box. It can also be wall mounted using the included mounting brackets.
Note: The installer will need to provide appropriate screws or fasteners for wall mounting.


How much does the Multi-Charge weigh?

The Multi-Charge dock weighs approx. 1.7lbs (0.8kg) unloaded, and approx. 3.4lbs (1.5kg) with four Reveal FirePRO X units docked.


How is the Multi-Charge dock powered?

The Multi-Charge dock includes an AC to DC switching wall wart power supply with a right angle barrel connector that plugs into the rear of the Multi-Charge. Adapters are included for US (North America), EU, and UK regions.


Can the Multi-Charge dock be used in mobile apparatus?

The Multi-Charge dock can be used in mobile apparatus, provided: 1) it can be safely secured in the apparatus using the included mounting brackets or other means determined by a custom installer, 2) there is means of AC power available for use with the provided AC to DC power supply.


What is the strap included with the Multi-Charge dock used for?

The elastic strap is meant to be used to secure docked Reveal FirePRO X units safely in the Multi-Charge dock, preventing them from dislodging, such as during transit when mounted within mobile apparatus.

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