Reveal FirePRO X and Multi-Charge FAQ

What is the difference between the original Reveal FirePRO and the new Revel FirePRO X?

The major difference is that FirePRO X now uses a better sealing quick magnetic connect interface to allow: quicker blind connections, much lower water susceptibility, and docking capability for use with the Reveal FirePROX Multi-Charge. Reveal FirePRO X includes a custom magnetic USB interface cable that is different from the USB micro cable included with original FirePRO.


Will the original Reveal FirePRO work with the Multi-Charge dock?

No, the original Reveal FirePRO is not compatible with the new Multi-Charge dock due to different mechanical charging interface design.


I have the original Reveal FirePRO, can it be retrofitted or converted into a Reveal FirePRO X?

Unfortunately, an original FirePRO cannot be converted into a Reveal FirePRO X.


Why does my Reveal FirePRO X not appear to be charging while plugged in?

Under rare circumstances, the Reveal FirePRO X charging logic may not recognize being plugged in and charging will not commence. If this occurs, please wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the USB charge cable; the device should wake up and commence charging normally.

Make sure that the plug of the magnetic cable connector is properly seated in the magnetic charge receptacle of the Reveal FirePRO X; under some circumstances, the magnetic charge cable might be at a slight angle, not allowing the charge pins to make proper contact. If you notice this, try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable. You may also try making sure that both the charge receptacle of the Reveal FirePRO X and the corresponding cable connector are free of debris that may have built up during heavy use is dirty environments. Use a cotton swab or cloth damped with alcohol or water to aid cleaning.

Look for a charging indicator in the lower right of the display when the device is powered on to ensure a proper connection with the charging cable connected to a power source. If the device is powered off and connected to a power source, a quick press and release of the center button should briefly display a charging indicator on the LCD if the cable is connected properly and the device is charging.


How and where can the Multi-Charge dock be mounted or placed?

The Multi-Charge dock can be placed freestanding on a horizontal surface or desk right out of the box. It can also be wall mounted using the included mounting brackets.
Note: The installer will need to provide appropriate screws or fasteners for wall mounting.


How much does the Multi-Charge dock weigh?

The Multi-Charge dock weighs approx. 1.7lbs (0.8kg) unloaded, and approx. 3.4lbs (1.5kg) with four Reveal FirePRO X units docked.


What are the external dimensions of the Multi-Charge dock?

300mm (11.8in) x 120mm (10.2in) x 115mm (4.5in) (without FirePRO X installed)


How is the Multi-Charge dock powered?

The Multi-Charge dock includes an AC to DC switching wall wart power supply with a right angle barrel connector that plugs into the rear of the Multi-Charge. Adapters are included for US (North America), EU, and UK regions.


Can the Multi-Charge dock be used in mobile apparatus?

The Multi-Charge dock can be used in mobile apparatus, provided: 1) it can be safely secured in the apparatus using the included mounting brackets or other means determined by a custom installer, 2) there is means of AC power available for use with the provided AC to DC power supply.


What is the strap included with the Multi-Charge dock used for?

The elastic strap is meant to be used to secure docked Reveal FirePRO X units safely in the Multi-Charge dock, preventing them from dislodging, such as during transit when mounted within mobile apparatus.

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