Reveal FirePRO Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

A:  In short, thermal imaging is the process of using the temperature of an object to produce an image. Thermal imagers work by detecting and measuring the amount of infrared radiation that is emitted and reflected by objects or people to visually render temperature. A thermal camera makes use of a device known as a microbolometer to pick up this energy just outside the range of visible light, and project it back to the viewer as a clearly defined image.


Q: What are “Heat Signatures”?

A: In the simplest terms, a heat signature is the visible representation of the exterior temperature of an object or person.


Q: What is that clicking noise?

A: There’s no need to worry, this is simply the noise your camera makes while you are shifting it between different fields of view. The noise you are hearing is the camera focusing and calibrating the image to achieve the highest resolution possible.


Q: What is the operating temperature?

Operating Temp: -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C) No time limit
Operating Temp (10 min): -4 to 185F (-20 to 85C) Up to 10 minutes
Operating Temp (2 min): -4 to 225F (-20 to 107C) Up to 2 minutes


Q: What is my devices detection range? 

A:  Your TIC is able to detect temperatures anywhere in the range of -40°F to 1022°F.


Q: Is the Device Waterproof?

A: The device has an IP67 Rated casing, which means that is has been certified to resist dust particles and water immersion, but only for a select amount of time at a maximum depth of 3.3ft. Make sure that the rubberized back door is completely closed and sealed before proceeding to further minimize any chance of water getting inside your TIC. 


Q: Can I Mount it or wear it?

A: Yes. All Reveal devices have been designed to be easily attached or connected to standard utility belts and clothing.


Q: How do I access/change language on my Device?

A: When you first set up the TIC, you will be prompted to select a language of your choice for viewing information. If at any time you need to change it, you can either go to Menu>Device>Languages, or you can restore the device back to its factory settings and will be rerouted back to the language selection page.


Q:  How do I access the menu? 

A: A unique difference from all the other models in the series is that the CENTER button does not access the menu. You might be asking yourself is there even a menu? The answer is of course, yes. To access the menu, simultaneously press both the LEFT and RIGHT button and hold for at least one second. You will then be redirected to the menu screen.


Q: What are the 3 modes for?


- Fire mode displays an image in shades of black and grey which turn bright orange/red when areas of extreme heat are present. This mode is specifically designed for locating hotspots in fire during 360 size-ups and Overhaul.

-Survey is a monochromatic filter of different shades of blue which turn white around warmer areas. This mode is optimal for helping locate downed personnel and victims during search and rescue. 

-Color is the default mode for this device, but is seldom used in the field and is present simply to demo thermal imaging to third party observers.



Q: How do I operate the flashlight?

A: Flashlight operation can be controlled on your TIC by pressing the RIGHT button located on the side of the camera. Pressing the button 4 times will toggle you through ‘High’ ‘Low’ “Strobe” and ‘off’ options. Strobe is a new feature that only the Reveal FirePro currently has, which was designed to help locate individuals in need of assistance during a disaster. Your flashlight settings can be modified by going to Menu>Device>Flashlight, where you can calibrate the flashlight brightness in its high and low settings, and choose whether you would like the strobe option to be on or off.


Q: How do I enable/disable the temperature color bar?

A: When you press the CENTER button, you’ll notice several icons that appear on the bottom and top of your screen. The first is a temperature range that helps signify colors with numerical values that correspond to the colors you’re seeing. The second is a reading located in a small grey box that displays temperature data of whatever the reticle is centered over, along with an icon showing the current battery power. To cycle these functions between ‘on’ and ‘off’, simply press the CENTER button twice. 


Q: How do I take a photo?

A: To take a photo, focus the reticle over whatever you need to shoot, and press the RIGHT button to capture it. The camera will freeze frame and form a white border around the image you have just taken. You can review or delete the photos by engaging the menu quick start and returning to the gallery.


Q: How do I download images? 

A: To download an image, remove the rubberized back door from the end of the device and insert your included USB cord from your computer into the TIC. Always remember to complete an on-screen eject or dismount on your computer before disconnecting the USB cable to prevent corruption of the SD memory card. If you are using a Windows or MacBook, you will be automatically prompted to import all your photos. The photos are rendered in a standard .PNG format and can be edited, annotated, and inserted into documents easily.


Q: How long does the Battery last?

A: Reveal FirePro will provide up to 3.5 hours of imaging time with a full charge. It is recommended that your battery be at least 40% to achieve optimal performance.


Q: From how far away can I use the Reveal FirePRO?  

A: With its 320x240 thermal sensor, the Reveal FirePRO can detect a human, or human sized object, from 1800ft away.


Q: What is fast frame?

A: FastFrame, (FF) is an advanced frame rate featured on the Reveal FirePRO, which exceeds15 Hz, and makes image movement appear more seamless. The faster the FPS, the less choppiness your image will have. Since these devices are able to process images so quickly, they are subject to U.S. EAR export regulations, and may be unavailable for shipping do to regional restrictions.


Q: How do I turn off the Watermarks?

A: One you have pressed and held the LEFT and RIGHT buttons in unison to be redirected to the menu screen, scroll down and select the “Device” tool bar. Here you have the option to manage a variety of settings including watermarks. Press the CENTER button twice to toggle them ‘on’ or ‘off.

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