Reveal Series Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

A:  In short, thermal imaging is the process of using the temperature of an object to produce an image. Thermal imagers work by detecting and measuring the amount of infrared radiation that is emitted and reflected by objects or people to visually render temperature. A thermal camera makes use of a device known as a microbolometer to pick up this energy just outside the range of visible light, and project it back to the viewer as a clearly defined image.


Q: What is the difference between Night vision and Thermal Imaging? 

A: Night vision devices function by taking small amounts of ambient light and amplifying them in low light scenarios. Thermal cameras operate by measuring the amount of heat emitted by people or objects and creating a visual depiction of that energy. While both are extensively used in specific fields, they typically have very different applications.


Q: What are “Heat Signatures”?

A: In the simplest terms, a heat signature is the visible representation of the exterior temperature of an object or person.


Q: What is that clicking noise that the camera is making?

A: There’s no need to worry, this is simply the noise your camera makes while you are shifting it between different fields of view. The noise you are hearing is the camera focusing and calibrating the image to achieve the highest resolution possible.


Q: What is FastFrame/ Frame Rate?

A: Frame Rate, or Frames Per Second (FPS), refers to the number of frames that make up each second of a video image. The more frames per second the smoother the motion in an image will appear. When capturing a static image with a stationary camera a slower FPS isn't that noticeable. When the subject or camera are moving at slower FPS (>9Hz) it will result in a choppier image. As the FPS increases, that choppiness lessens and the image changes will appear much smoother. FastFrame, (FF) is an advanced frame rate featured on select models of the RevealXR, and all models of the RevealPRO, and Reveal FirePRO, which exceed 15 Hz. Since these devices are able to process images so quickly, they are subject to U.S. EAR export regulations, and may be unavailable for shipping do to regional restrictions.


Q: How do you operate the Flashlight/Adjust Brightness?

A: The flashlight is a unique feature with which each Reveal is equipped, featuring a 300 lumen LED that can be accessed by pressing the SIDE button on the right of the camera. When the Reveal is off, pressing the SIDE button will display the flashlight’s setting on the screen. When the Reveal is powered on, the flashlight’s operation will not be displayed on the screen. By pressing it three times you can toggle through ‘high’, ‘low’ and ‘off’ settings.


  • While in the flashlight setting you have the ability to program the brightness of the LED to your liking. Selecting the ‘high’ tab will allow you to adjust the power of the light between 50-100%. When you do so the flashlight will automatically turn ‘on’ to give a visual cue of how powerful the light is while you’re adjusting it. When you are done, the light will automatically turn ‘off’ and return you to the flashlight setting screen. 
  • Similarly, selecting the ‘low’ tab will give you the option of programming the flashlight in its low setting, and automatically turn the flashlight ‘on’ while you calibrate its power between 15-49%

The following icons are used for the flashlight display while the camera is OFF:



Q: Which Reveal model is the best for me? 

A: Each Reveal device we produce has been optimized for certain tasks, so which one you choose to purchase will be highly dependent on your desired goals. For a complete list of each devices capabilities and features, click here. 


Q: How do you adjust the display brightness?

A: You can adjust the settings of the LCD screen from between 10-100% to save power, depending on when and where you are using it. The default setting for your Reveal is 90% brightness. The level can be adjusted to any level between 10% and 100%.  We could go below 10%, but then you wouldn't be able to see it!

To adjust these settings, you must locate the Display option in SETTINGS. You can find it here:

Menu > Device > Power > Display




Q: How do I register my Device? 

A: Go to on your Internet browser to register your Reveal. Once your Reveal is registered, Seek Thermal will send you confirmation of registration. By registering a Reveal unit within the first 90 days of purchase, you will extend your units warranty for an additional year of eligibility. 


Q: How far can I see with my Reveal?


  • Reveal from up to 500ft away


  • RevealXR and RevealXR’s with FastFrame from up to 900ft away


  • RevealPRO from as far away as 1,800ft.


Q: How do I switch between color filters?  

A: The exact process by which you switch color filters is subject to slight variation depending on which model of Reveal you own. On the Reveal and RevealXR, different filters can be accessed by pressing the LEFT button and then cycled through using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Press the CENTER button to select and lock the filter. On the RevealPro, you will be given access to a sidebar that displays the filters in a list, and allows you to toggle through them and select as normal. 


Q: How do I Charge my Reveal? 

A: All Reveal units can be charged by removing the rubberized back door from the end of the unit and inserting the included micro USB cable into the slot. Remember to always perform an on-screen eject or dismount on your computer before disconnecting the USB cable to prevent corruption of the SD memory card!

When the thermal camera is off, the Battery Charging screen will appear:


*At full power, your Reveal or RevealXR device should enable you with up to 10 hours of battery life. By contrast, the RevealPRO and Reveal FirePRO can provide up to 4 hours of scanning time with a full charge.


Q: How do I download/copy images? 

A: To download an image, remove the rubberized back door from the end of the device and insert your included USB cord from your computer into the TIC. If you are using a Windows or MacBook, you will be automatically prompted to import all your photos. The photos are rendered in a standard .PNG format and can be edited, annotated, and inserted into documents easily. If you have a Reveal or RevealXR unit, you can eject the 512mb/4GB SD card, and erase and reuse it with an adapter (not included). When placing the SD card back in notch, make sure and the contacts are facing downward, and try not to bend the card or force it into the slot.


Q: How do I adjust the settings? 

A: Settings can be adjusted by pressing the CENTER button to engage the Menu, and then selecting the “Device” tab. This will give you the option to adjust units and overlay, date & time, language, and power options. On the RevealPro, settings can be accessed by going to Menu>Settings>Device.


Q: Is the device Waterproof?

A: None of the Reveal, RevealXR or RevealPRO models have been designed to resist water. We strongly advise you to avoid any contact with moisture when handling these units. The only unit that is tested to be highly water resistant is our model designed for firefighters, the Reveal FirePRO. 

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