What is that + / - button for in the Seek app?

On Seek Compact imagers the Thermal+ (or ThermalPlus) allows you to swipe from side to side across an image to display it in standard and thermal views.  The standard image comes from your mobile device's native camera, and appears on the left.  The thermal image appears on the right.

Any photos you take with Thermal+ enabled can be reviewed, in swipe mode, from the app's media gallery.

To align the thermal image with the standard image, simply double-tap to enter into Thermal+ alignment mode.  Then you can pan and magnify the standard (non-thermal) image until it aligns with the thermal image.  The pan and mag co-ordinates display in the lower left hand corner.  Once you are satisfied with the alignment simply double-tap again to lock your settings in place.  There are different settings for portrait vs landscape.

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